Compilation of my experiences while on H2O2

I did not feel any effervescence within my stomach at anytime following the ingestions. There has been no unusual amounts of belching or flatulence. 

At the beginning of the treatments, I found my appetite had been suppressed. I didn't feel the need to eat, but yet I could and did eat all of my meals. After restarting the treatment, my appetite seemed to be normal.

I experienced a sickness feeling, nauseousness, illness at day 8 between 10 - 12 ballooned end dropper drops which is approximately equal to 15 - 18 standard dropper drops. (I didn't know any better in the beginning). It appears to have been the "healing crisis" of my body releasing more toxins that it can process out. I can only conclude that because as I type this (March 08, 2012), I have gone from 8 drops to 13 without any signs of illness. In fact, my body is more accepting of the treatment because there is no psychological gag reflex and the aftertaste is less noticeable than before.

H2O2 has been an effective treatment for seasonal allergies after only 2 days of continual use. My allergies caused itchy eyes, sinus congestion, and stuffy head feeling. All symptoms gone while on treatment.

My energy levels are higher than normal while on the treatment, my mind feels clearer and crisper. In general my moods have been elevated and I feel healthier. My overall experience has been extremely good.

My skin feels more sensual, especially my hands and feet, specifically my fingers and toes.