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Hydrogen Peroxide


This page is dedicated to the science and research of all things hydrogen peroxide. It is my intention to provide both accurate and interesting research, data, or information that pertains to hydrogen peroxide. Furthermore, I would like to speculate and comment on the information that I bring forth on this page. It is important to realize and accept that I cannot claim absolute truth about anything, nor would I. All I can do is interpret information based upon my understanding or view. 

Immune Response Signaling

Publication: Hydrogen Peroxide Mediates Rapid Wound Detection

This experiment determined that hydrogen peroxide is necessary for the signaling and activation of white blood cells during an immune response with a zebrafish. The researcher is careful in saying that the findings are not yet relevant to humans. However, the zebrafish was chosen for a perfectly good reason. There is a close relationship between the genomes of the zebrafish and humans that is shown here: syntenic relationship of the zebrafish and human genomes. Therefore, the complexity in the use of hydrogen peroxide within the body by the body should be considered more than a mere by-product. It is especially interesting that the researcher specifically states that it is logical for the lungs and gut to produce hydrogen peroxide for sterilization.

Energy Production Signaling

Publication: Hydrogen Peroxide Stimulates Activity and Behavior

This experiment points to hydrogen peroxide as being a signaling molecule for coupling metabolism and circadian rhythm. Fruit flies (drosophila melanogaster) were given hydrogen peroxide that resulted increased actives. It would appear that the increased activity resulted from increased energy through increased ATP production by mitochondria, which resulted from increased "signal" hydrogen peroxide. This seems to be an indication of one of many effects taking place after ingesting hydrogen peroxide. It also aligns with the claims from others (including myself) of the difficulty getting to sleep after ingesting hydrogen peroxide. I should note that I have not taken hydrogen peroxide prior to bed, my only experience of not sleeping is falling back to sleep. My morning dose is at 06:30 AM by alarm. I then lay back down needing to be up about 07:10-07:30 AM. I can and have fallen back to sleep, but not as easily if I just wake up by a disturbance and fall back to sleep. I should also note that my sleeping habits or sleep cycle has not changed or been effected since starting the hydrogen peroxide therapy. While I have felt more energetic throughout the day, there is no changing of my behaviors and or activities. Another thing to note is that while I feel more energetic and lively, it is not the same feeling as taking caffeine, nicotine, or other stimulant drugs. This experiment is definitely interesting, but after considerations, I cannot relate my experiences to those of these fruit flies. 

William S. Cook