Daily Log

After several rejected attempts to get support from various institutions, doctors, and scientist... this trial is no longer active.  However, because of my positive results and observations, I still plan to complete the two tests of oxygen levels while running and at high elevation. I am unsure at this point when that will be done, but it will be done.

Day 1 March 30, 2012

Today was an allergy day. Snotty nose, sinus issues ... the usual symptoms as soon as I arose from my slumber. I decided it would be a good time to test out the inhalation treatment method. This time without any symptoms of upper respiratory infection, sore throat, whatever it was that came over me a few weeks ago. The solution in the pump was left over from the previous use at a 1.5% dilution. I had anticipated positive effects in about an hours time as experienced before. To my astonishment, it only took 20 minutes after the first administration for my sinus pressure to become relieved and nose stop running. Not only were the positive effects quicker, they lasted longer. At least 3 hours. Then I took another 6 inhales, continuing ever 3 hours without any allergy symptoms for the rest of the day. This was a great discovery because it meant that my previous experience was not allergies alone but symptoms of something worse. Meaning that allergy relief inhaling hydrogen peroxide is much more effective than I previously thought. 

Anyhow, I plan to continue the inhalation method and observe my allergy symptoms and see how it goes. Hopefully a complete relief will occur with regular administration. 

Day 0 March 29, 2012
No administration of H2O2 today. I created a page: Enema Administration. The experiment was once used to compare ingestion amounts but it quickly became obvious to me that comparing the two methods should not be done. I decided to make it a methods page, as I may do with the other hydrogen peroxide administration methods. Upon restructuring the format for enema administration, I stumbled upon enema directions on the Internet that may be in conflict with what the researchers found to be a safe dose amount.

Day 3 March 28, 2012
Sleep was better, but not entirely undisturbed by the effects. The good news is that my girlfriend reported that she felt fine and continued her day as normal. It could have been the H2O2 in the ear, humidifier, combination  of the two, or she just naturally overcame it. However, in my experience, naturally overcoming a sickness in 2 days is rare (especially when it's bad enough to ruin your day). 

I am happy to say that I did not get sick or have any of the symptoms. Typically I would catch it as I seem to be prone, plus I didn't avoid being around her and continued giving her kisses.

No humidifier tonight. I am going to give it a few days and make a 0.05% solution and see how that works out. 

I will refocus on putting together the SpO2 running test.

Added Distilled v. Reverse Osmosis page.

Day 2 March 27, 2012
Today, unwanted side effects such as being energized causing sleeping difficulty and mild headache upon getting up were noticeable. Not nearly as bad as the first night using 0.55% solution, but was apparent. I feel that we must have just slept through the second night (March 23rd) we used it for my purpose because of being so tired from the lack of sleep the night prior (March 22nd). My girlfriend did not overcome the sickness as we had hoped, complained her throat felt worse and she missed school.

We decided to use the humidifier. I further diluted the solution to approximately 0.125% by again draining the reservoir to half way and refilling it.

Day 1 March 26, 2012
I believe the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier has aided in my throat/respiratory infection because I had very little complaint on March 24th and no complaint on the 25th. For that reason I discontinued the use of the treatment because it had served it's purpose.

My girlfriend became sick after babysitting (March 24th) for people who had kids, that did not mention the kids were sick. The onset began March 25th evening (yesterday) and was in full effect today.

We decided to use the method of putting a 3% solution in each ear for 10 minutes about 7pm. I made a 0.275% solution and put the mist output level on medium. 

Day 4 March 23, 2012
Both of us slept soundly and there was no detection of H2O2. My nasal passage felt clearer and breathing is easier during sleep with use of the humidifier with H2O2.

There seems to be real progress being made which makes me very happy. It's been 3 weeks today since that dreadful cough and the throat/sinus issue was becoming a real drag. I feel this night time treatment is finally finishing this (whatever it is) off.

However, my allergies still bother me during the day. I am not taking any form of H2O2 other than at night in the humidifier. I will continue this method until I am either 100% or failing to get results.

Day 3 March 22, 2012
I felt noticeably better. But sleep had been compromised by restlessness. I had to turn the mist down to the lowest level half way through the night and completely off within an hour of getting up. There was a very very faint smell of hydrogen peroxide in the air. My girlfriend tossed and turned half the night and I feel it was the H2O2 causing energy production keeping the mind awake.

This evening prior to bed, I drained the reservoir half way and refilled with purified water. This should have made an approximate 0.275% solution. 

Day 2 March 21, 2012
It is a good opportunity to purchase an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier and try this method as it seems to be the best method of delivery. I used a 20% off coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up this Sharper Image unit for about $50.

Looking at many sights and searching testimonies, I found a recommendation of using 1/4 cup to 1 gallon. This is 60 ml to 3785 ml making a 0.55 % solution.

0.35 * 60g    = 21g
21g / 3785g  = 0.0055
0.0055 x 100 = 0.55%

I figured having additional moisture in the air laced with H2O2 while I slept just might be the answer.

Day 1 March 20, 2012
I was hoping my throat would be getting better while not taking H2O2, but it hasn't. It is better from the peak, in which it was visibly red and irritated. In hindsight, I must have initiated the issue from the violent coughing at the gym. It wasn't a normal cough, it was lasting for 20 minutes until we decided to leave the gym because people were looking in disapproval. Which was understandable. Anyway, I feel that an upper respiratory infection developed which was coupled with my allergies.

I felt that the pump spray inhalation may help because of the positive effects that were experienced prior. Instead of the 3%, I further diluted to 1.5% because it just seemed a bit much. Perhaps because I still have some discomfort in my chest/throat/sinus. Rather than just doing a few pumps like before, I inhaled about 6 pumps every 2 hours and felt relief.

Day 0 March 16, 2012
I have created a pumps calculation page to determine the approximate amount of H2O2 within each pump from a nasal spray. My throat is much better and I have began movement on the SpO2 running test. I hope to secure a time and place next week.

Day 0 March 13, 2012
I have decided to stop taking hydrogen peroxide for the time being. The inhalation was feeling a bit more painful on the throat.

I never felt ill at any time such as you would being sick and nobody around me is sick or has been sick. I actually have been working out and going on about my business as usual. Anyhow, I can speculate all day... but I am only concerned about healing right now.

Day 13 March 12, 2012
My throat has not increased in severity but seems to be good. It feels sore as when you have the flu. I was worried that the 3% spray solution would aggravate the problem further and prevent healing. It does not seem that is the case. At 11am I took 6 sprays in one breath and spit out what stayed in my mouth. The same result occurred as yesterday, my nasal passage started clearing at about he 1 hour mark. And then became fully open very soon thereafter. I was hoping to just continue the results by administering another 6 sprays at the 2 hour mark. What ended up happening was kind of like clockwork timing. I took the 6 sprays at 1pm but around 1:30pm my nose started to run and close up. I could no longer breath normally from my nose and I felt the allergy symptoms. At approximately 1:45pm my nose dried up and my nasal passage cleared and I could breath again. 

At 2:45 I will dose again and see if the results will have continuity. 

The continuation was a success. I did not have the symptoms from dose to dose. It looks as if this treatment is going to be effective it needs to be done frequently without a miss.

Day 12 March 11, 2012
My throat felt better than the day prior. After doing a little research to see if the solution concentration that Bill Munro suggested is accepted. I found that it was and created the 3% solution with distilled water.  At 4pm I took my first inhalation dose. I was unable to pump 6 times in one breath, perhaps I need to breath slower, but I did pump 3 times with two breaths. I had a cup near that I used to spit out the solution that ended up into my mouth. There was without a doubt a sensation of the peroxide in my chest/lungs, it wasn't uncomfortable. My allergies of course had my sinuses swollen and I was unable to breath out of my right nostril and my left was not fully open. In about 45 minutes, I felt the sensation of my sinuses becoming relieved. After 1 hour, my brain had that energetic feeling, my lungs felt refreshed, and my sinuses were definitely clearing. After 1 hour and 30 minutes I had full sinus relief. Both my nasal passages were clear and breathing was awesome. It was truly amazing. Before while ingesting, I would wake up at 06:30, dose, and lay back down. Not really experiencing the actual positive effects of hydrogen peroxide because I was normal by the time I was up and going. My girlfriend and I actually worked out around 5:45pm and went on a little jog. I felt great, my lungs were open and running was just fine. 

My nasal passage started to close again about 6:30pm. I held my left nostril and could not breath from my right.  I repeated the inhalation method and in about 30 minutes both my nasal passages were clear. Again, amazing.  The same energetic feeling came over me.

In comparison, inhaling does have a much shorter lasting effect but is without a doubt effective. It is unclear if continual use will prolong the effects but I will continue to take the hydrogen peroxide in this way unless my throat does not heal.

Day 11 March 10, 2012
Administered 0 drops. My throat irritation had increased from being a tickle to being inflamed. Rewind to the previous Friday night and me and my girlfriend went to a new gym on a guest pass. She started on the treadmill while I gave the place a look around. I met up with her and got on the treadmill beside her and started running. She was already at the .3 mile mark and I decided to catch up by putting the pace on the fastest setting. I did end up catching up, but at the cost of me practically sprinting for .75 mile. After 1 mile, my treadmill shutdown and I didn't get to reduce my pace and lower my breathing. I ended up coughing really bad, for the duration of our work out. Something happened, the cough must have caused some sort of small damage. My throat for the past week had a slight uncomfortable feeling. I didn't give it too much thought until now because it was increasing in severity. I decided to stop the treatment because it seems that there must have been some sort of  correlation for why I wasn't getting better.

In the experiment with the zebrafish, it was shown that hydrogen peroxide was used for signaling to activate immune response. I am wondering if the H2O2 therapy is doing just that within my body, all over. I am wondering if my immune system has been called to duty everywhere due to the H2O2. Thereby failing to respond to injury because my system has become manually disrupted by having my immune system working elsewhere. Anyway, that is just a thought... so that is why I have stopped the ingestion. 

This idea has me very curious. It was late at night, but I had decided to visit the store and buy a nasal spray pump, an Afrin knock off. I did use it because my allergies were in full swing all day long and I was snotting everywhere, sinus pressure... all the usual symptoms. It did work, my sinuses were relieved and I could breath.

Day 10 March 09, 2012
Administered 23 drops (standard dropper) in the morning. This was the first time I increased the water for a higher dilution, but even still the dose felt high. I felt a bit uneasy and will not continue to increase the drops but rather reduce. I doesn't feel the same as the onset of the previous illness, it just felt like too much. It's hard to describe why it felt like too much other than my body wasn't agreeing. So, I think that 20 drops will be the max amount that I will take for the duration of this trial.  

Day 09 March 08, 2012
Administered 21 drops (standard dropper) in the morning. I didn't have class or schoolwork today, so I started a new page called H2O2 Science. Once I completed what I wanted with that, it was time to dose again. 

I decided to go on a little run, taking the solution and the pulse oximeter. I got the Nonin GO2 for this very purpose, it was designed for sports use. I just wanted to see what may happen, so I started the run at a decent pace that would be easily maintained. I was surprised to find that it only took about 10 meters for my SpO2 to start dropping. And drop it did. It bottomed out at 75 and stayed there until my breath and stride began to synchronize. Thereafter, it bounced around between 78-84 but mostly around 79-80. It stayed at that level for the duration until I stopped at about .75 mile then within about 5 deep breaths quickly went to 98-99. I drank the water, roughly 10 Ounces with 21 drops and waited about 5 or 6 minutes. I started the run again keeping the same approximate pace. I was amazed to see the SpO2 display remain at 97-98 for like 2 minutes and slowly dropped as my breath and stride once again synchronized. It remained between 88-90 until I started to feel like I was tiring. When I started taking a few gasping breaths, it started dropping to 84-86. At that point I started walking until I felt rested (about 1-2 minutes) and started running again. My SpO2 remained at 97 for about .25 miles and when I finally started tiring to the point of walking, the reading was at 93. At the point I stopped was on a bridge with an incline. It was interesting that I was gasping for air but my SpO2 reading was at 93. The total run distance was about 2 miles.

I feel confident that the real test will show similar results but with better accuracy. I plan to run on a treadmill at set speed with no incline/decline and record the test with my DSLR camera, tripod, and the assistance of a friend. I look forward to documenting this little exercise and creating a dedicated page.

Day 08 March 07, 2012
Administered 19 drops (standard dropper). I decided to reformat the blog for easier navigation. It would have been nice to create new posts on individual pages. But the way it is set up, I can only do that on the home page. Anyhow, I will be approaching the magical drop count of 25 soon and I am feeling great. Looking back at when I was at 13 drops (standard dropper) the first time around, there is a big difference in how my body reacted. I have no signs of illness, and my stomach seems to handle the dose just fine. I couldn't say that before as there must have been something going on such as the described over detox. I will say that the flavoring had nothing to do with the illness feeling because the onset/peak was prior to that. The onset of illness was the reason I got the flavoring in the first place.

As to how I am feeling... quite frankly, I do feel amazing and healthier. No allergy symptoms. Great sense of well being. Life is good.

I updated the drop calculations to include conversion tables from the different dropper types. For my own benefit.

Day 07 March 06, 2012
Administered 12 (ballooned end) drops. Decided to keep bumping up the dose. The solution seems easier on the stomach and the aftertaste seems to be less noticeable than that of the first time around. I plan to do some testing when I reach the max drop amount of 25. 

Speaking of drops.

It wasn't until I did the drop calculation post until I really knew the amount of H2O2 within the drops I had been taking. From the beginning I was using the new dropper I bought along with the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. What that essentially means is that my drop doses have been 32.9% higher than what the protocol states. I can only assume that the book The One Minute Cure and the article by Dr. David Williams refer to drops from a standard dropper. I guess that little detail was overlooked. Anyway, I will from this point use the standard dropper to do the drop counts until I reach 25. Then it will be easier for me to use the 1ml syringe for the dose since it is approximately equal.

It looks as though I won't be able to do the altitude SpO2 test until May due to the current time of year. I have a tentative plan for a trip to Monarch Lakes, Sequoia National Park, California. The hike is about 9 miles round trip with an elevation of 10,600 feet (3,230 meters) which will hopefully do the trick.

Day 06 March 05, 2012
Administered 10 (ballooned end) drops. Feeling great, more alert, alive, and energetic ... It seems that the claims of hydrogen peroxide therapy are true thus far. I have some fun testing to do with regards to oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2). 

I purchased a Nonin GO2 Pulse Oximetry which reads/displays your blood oxygen level and heart rate. 

Taken 15 Minutes after 10 drop dose

My resting heart rate is around 55 bpm +/- 2.
Preliminary findings so far suggest that H2O2 has elevated the oxygen in my blood. The problem is that my readings at any given time are already high. So going from a 97/98% (pre) to 99/100% (post) really is not that telling. But, the changes have been consistent on a few different trials at different dose times i.e. morning/afternoon. I have two ideas that may be able to lower my SpO2 so that a more measurable difference can be done. The first is running a distance with and without hydrogen peroxide and taking readings before/during/after the runs. The second idea is to get at a high elevation 10,000 feet or more and take reading before/during/after. The run test would be the easiest to set up, so that may be happening soon.

Day 05 March 04, 2012
My alarm went off, my nose got stuffy when I rose and I knew allergies were kicking in. Administered 10 (ballooned end) drops H2O2 and laid back down. I felt my sinuses drain and I could breath again. I will now say that H2O2 therapy is effective against seasonal allergies. I haven't had an issue all day!

Day 04 March 03, 2012
Administered 10 (ballooned end) drops H2O2. Decided to bump it up. Felt good. My allergies were barely noticeable, I don't remember needing to blow my nose. I missed the 3rd dose due to a family birthday.

Day 03 March 02, 2012
Administered 8 (ballooned end) drops H2O2 at 06:45 again, and laid back down. Similar feeling, my allergies were nearly non existent. I blew my nose just once with only a little bit mucus snot. No itchy, puffy, or red eye. My energy seems elevated again and my mood is great. I feel great. I completed my report on calculating drops, took longer than expected but it has lots of detail.

Day 02 March 01, 2012
Administered 8 (ballooned end) drops H2O2 at 06:45 (1st dose) and laid back down. I was unable to sleep again, and just laid there observing. The feeling seems a bit refreshing, it kind of felt like my brain was becoming massaged or something. The sensation is noticeable but subtle, kind of like an electrical current or something, hard to explain.  When I got up and going, I couldn't say that my allergies are gone, but I will say the symptoms seem to be reduced. The prior week, I would need to blow my nose several times per day, with a large quantity of mucus coming out (comparable to a flu). Today, I have only blown my nose once with a small quantity of mucus. My eyes still had some itchy/irritation going on, but not too bad. 

I just took my 2nd dose, and I feel that things are going good. I spent a good bit of the day doing weight measurements of H2O2 drops with my scale. I will be posting the results later today or tomorrow in a new post. 

I find this humorous.

Day 01 February 29, 2012
Administered 8 (ballooned end) drops H2O2 It has been almost 2 weeks since I stopped the treatment process. I can report that I felt a decline in my energy, moods, and started to suffer from allergies. Growing up in the MidWest of the United States, my region did not have the same plants, trees, and whatnot as California. I started to develop allergies in 2008 and have had them ever since. It may be just a coincidence that the weather is starting to get nice and I stopped the treatment, but my allergies have kicked in good. Regardless, today was a good day to get back on the treatment and see if it does anything for me with regard to my allergies. I will start at 8 drops and remain there for several days and see how it goes. No gag or anything, that is good. If I decide to go above 10 drops, I will fill the Smart Water bottle all the way and just dilute the whole thing in 20 Oz. 

Administered the 2nd and 3rd dose, felt a familiar small like headache throughout the day. Overall pretty good.

Day 18 February 19, 2012 
Administered 0 drops. Got to sleep at 4am, (after party) and woke up late again. Went out for breakfast and decided that it would be a good time to do a little observation about this observation. I decided to stop all together and see what happened.

Day 17 February 18, 2012 
Administered 0 drops. Slept in and ate breakfast with my girl, deciding to skip the morning dose. The weekend started off good and the went south, I had a plumbing issue that was interfering with plans. A bit of a small disaster, on top of that, my girl is in a rock band and had a show this evening. That consisted of band practice at the house where I provided the sound equipment and had to prep and setup, break down, then setup again at the pub. Today did not offer the conditions to dose.

Day 16 February 17, 2012 
Administered 14 drops H2O2It has become more noticeable and less tolerable at this point because of the increasing aftertaste. The amount of water that I have consistently been using is approximately 10 Oz. I  completed the 3 doses but the taste is causing a slight gag reaction. I found that it helped to, at the last swig, spit. I created a suction in the back of my mouth, pooling the fluid to the front and holding. Then I gently scraped the tongue from back to front on the end of my top teeth and just launched it out. 

Day 15 February 16, 2012
Administered 12 drops H2O2I don't feel ill or sick, there is a bit of a psychological reaction, kind of like when you have become sick off a certain type of alcohol and the smell or thought of it makes you nauseous. Not quite that bad, but just enough to notice. 

Day 14 February 15, 2012
Administered 10 drops H2O2I have decided to start the increase in drops. I have been feeling great, better that I remember prior to starting the therapy. So, with that in mind, it seems that continuing the increase is necessary to determine if the healing crisis is a valid claim. 

I have decided to discontinue putting the flavoring into the water because I didn't want to have another factor involved for not feeling well. Although I felt better after reducing the drops from 12 to 8, it still remained a factor.

Day13 February 14, 2012
I still continue at 8 drops, trying to get some confirmations on the sickness from others who have chosen to ingest. 

Day12 February 13, 2012
I still continue at 8 drops. Feeling quite normal...

Day11 February 12, 2012
I still continue at 8 drops although I am feeling great again. I will stay at this level for a few days and then move up again and see how it goes. 

If I determine that there is no healing crisis (for me at least) and I am just getting sick as a direct result of hydrogen peroxide, I won't completely discredit the therapy. I will however question everyone who is cutting and pasting this method without going into more detail and elaborating on the processes.

Day 10 February 11, 2012
Administered 8 drops, felt better throughout the day. I am wondering if when and after I feel better, if I continue to add drops if I will feel ill again. This could be concerning as it may indicate that the hydrogen peroxide being the cause rather than a healing crisis.

Day 9 February 10, 2012
I have decided to reduce the dose to 8 drops H2O2 because I have been feeling a bit ill. Not so much nauseous as yesterday, but just kind of an overall feeling such as the onset of being sick. My head is not quite right, and I am feeling a bit down.

The reason I am not taking more as the book "one minute cure" and the article says, is because I am currently investigating other cases and trying to make contact with people who say that they have done the therapy.

My curiosity is in discovering what the correlations between the onset of illness or "healing crisis" and two factors, when and at what dose.

But mainly, I am looking to find out if the illness passed prior to the "maintenance phase" or while continuing to ramp up on the dose.

In the mean time, I will stay at the 8 drops until I feel good again. At that point, I will determine whether to continue to increase the dose or stay. However, if I discover that the correlations seem to suspicious... I may have a problem with increasing.

Day 8 February 09, 2012
I woke not quite feeling normal, a bit nauseous with slight uncertainty as to why. Obviously it was the hydrogen peroxide, but I am not sure if its just the taste getting at me or a real internal body response. The taste doesn't make too much sense since I haven't taken it yet, but then again... maybe it's a psychological thing going on. I continued to administer the first 12 drops H2O2 and the aftertaste did not trigger a gag of any kind. The feeling has not increased after an hours time of the first dose. I'll continue with my meal and see how it goes. 

I started to feel fine again after I ate and the second dose was fine. I ended up  going to the store and getting some flavoring additive to try and make it more palatable. Although it's not really that bad at all. 

I put the flavoring in on the 3rd dose and let it sit for awhile to see if there was a reaction, there was none. I drank it and it was good. Although, because I was busy I missed lunch, so drinking two doses without a meal in between was not a good idea. I didn't get sick but felt a little woozy in my stomach. After eating dinner I felt fine again. I am currently seeking and have reached out to research types to see if they will analyze my blood when the time comes. Not sure how that's going to work out, but I'll pay for it when the time comes if theres not a response.

Day 7 February 08, 2012
Administered 10 drops H2O2 three times. Nothing new to report.

Day 6 February 07, 2012
Administered 9 drops H2O2 three times. Still feeling great, no negative signs. I find that my energy and overall mood is elevated.  I have been having some interesting/vivid dreams lately and my mind seems to be more attentive, more focused, and have more clarity.

There has been no change in my diet since the hydrogen peroxide (which could attribute to a healthier feeling/better mind). I avoid sugars and simple carbohydrates (which by itself is an amazing health benefit that all should do). The one thing that I can note is there is additional water intake, but I previously had adequate fluids.

I am not sure what to have expected when doing this, but the fact that I look forward to the next dose kind of tells me something. 

Day 5 February 06, 2012
Administered 8 drops H2O2 three times. Nothing abnormal to report. I still feel great and have no issues thus far. I have found that it is best to prepare my morning drink the night before and put it onto the night stand. That way I can just awake and drink it.  The issue has been, the longer I snooze in, the longer I have to wait before eating. So, if I have the drink available, I can wake on the first alarm... drink... snooze, wake again ... and already have the 1 hour clock ticking so that I can eat.

Day 4 February 05, 2012
Administered 7 drops H2O2 three times. Nothing abnormal to report. I still feel very energetic. My mood and overall well being is very positive. I was unsure at first, but I definitely feel that my appetite has been suppressed. I feel fine, but not hungry when I normally would be. I can however eat full meals without issue.

Day 3 February 04, 2012
Administered 6 drops H2O2 three times, no more tension feeling, still feel great and have a positive outlook. I found that just drinking the 10 oz of water all in one go is the best (chugging). There is only a slight aftertaste, but I am getting used to it which is making it less noticeable. The night before included wine and beer which made for a bit of a headache after waking up. I prepared the first water, drank it, and I then felt completely fine after about 30 minutes. Could have been just the water itself, but worth noting.

Day 2 February 03, 2012
Administered 5 drops H2O2, no difference than the day before, but I don't think the head tension is really noticeable. I still feel good and energetic without any unusual feelings or symptoms of a healing crisis. There has not been much of a difference thus far, I will only be reporting once per day unless there is a change to that.

Day 1 February 02, 2012
First glass of 8 Oz water containing four drops 35% Food Grade H2O2 Contained a small aftertaste of hydrogen peroxide, not overwhelming but definitely noticeable. After about 5 minutes, my head started to feel a bit interesting, slight headache/pressure ... perhaps due to the introduction of additional oxygen in my system. Otherwise, I am feeling great and more energetic which is enough evidence to continue the self-observational study. 

The second administration of H2O2 had a similar effect, mild head tension, but overall still feeling good about it. The third administration again had similar effect, but with less noticeable tension in the head.  Overall, my energy levels were great and I felt great. I completed my workout with kettlebells without a problem, felt energetic and good.